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Surviving Mars' First Expansion Announced! Race to Mars & Beat Your Rivals!

Surviving Mars' First Expansion Announced! Race to Mars & Beat Your Rivals!

Paradox Interactive announced Space Race, the first expansion to the Mars colony builder, Surviving Mars. This time, you have rivals! Create a monopoly and dominate them!

Surviving Mars at launch was focused on you building up your Mars colony and well… surviving. Your only competition is the harsh environment.

In Space Race, Haemimont Games are adding AI faction that will join you in your mission to colonise Mars. Not with you, but competing against you.

The expansion also adds new sponsor, Japan and Brazil joining the fray. Also this time, each sponsor has their own unique unit and building, which I suppose makes sponsor like real unique faction rather than simply a different challenge level with different and money.

The more interesting aspect of this expansion is that with the introduction of competing AI faction, you can undertake more subtle ‘not so nice’ strategic moves to get the upper hand.

Space Race pits Earth’s greatest countries and most powerful companies against each other as they compete for the limited resources available on Mars. Whether it’s stealing key colonists or monopolizing crucial discoveries, be sure not to let your comrades in colonizing get the upper hand!

This particular bit reminds me of another Mars colony game, Offworld Trading Company… which is brilliant I might add.

Main features of Space Race highlighted below:

  • A Challenger Appears: Compete for milestones, already limited resources, and anomalies with several other AI colonies backed by rival sponsors attempting to set roots on Mars and vie to become this planet’s superpower. You can trade with, respond to distress calls for, issue distress calls to, and even steal important colonists from these competitor colonies as you establish your territory on Mars.

  • Earth to Mars, repeat, Earth to Mars: No matter how deep in space you go, you gotta follow the money. Each sponsor comes with its own sets of Challenges to complete as you further their individual goals for colonization.

  • Represent the Dome Team: Each sponsor has their own unique vehicle and building that only their colonies can construct and take advantage of in their mission. Express the individuality of your space-faring conglomerate inside and out of your domes.

  • New Money, New Problems: Meet two new players in the fight for the final frontier. Japan and Brazil are now available as brand new mission sponsors and are ready to move heaven and Mars to make their mark!

  • Expect the Unexpected: Experience narrative events throughout your colonization process that help reveal the realities of life in the dome and challenge your management skills.

It’s slated for release later this year and pre-orders are up. You can pre-order it from the Paradox store for USD$11.69. Stay tuned. I’ll update this post once we’ve received a more specific launch date for this expansion. For now it’s late 2018.

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