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Steel Division II Announced! WWII RTS Now Moves To The Eastern Front

Steel Division II Announced! WWII RTS Now Moves To The Eastern Front

Steel Division: Normandy 44 was one of those under the radar neat RTS games that I thought more people should have played. It didn't do badly, but it didn't light up the charts as well. Eugen Systems, the developers, will hope Steel Division II to fare much better.

First off, they aren't working with Paradox Interactive this time to publish the sequel. Steel Division II will be completely self-published. 

The sequel will take place in the Eastern Front of the war during Operation Bagration, which was a major Soviet offensive that put them closer within striking distance of Warsaw.

What we know so far from the announcement.

Dynamic Strategic Campaign

This is a big one. If there was a weak point in Steel Division: Normandy 44, it was its single player. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't as exciting as it couldn't have been

It was a string of scenarios, which interesting as they may be, seems like a "we didn't have enough resources so we did the best we could with what we had" sort of situation.

Eugen has done a dynamic single-player campaign before in their previous Wargame series. So it seems a surprise to me that they would finally pull this off for the sequel but not the first game. Perhaps Steel Division was under tight resource constraints and a short development period.

Eugen System says that the dynamic campaign is highly replayable with a realistic 1:1 scale, massive battle lines, 600 units and 25 different map.

The campaign will be turn-based with each turn equals half a day. While the battles will be the usual real-time tactical fare with a brand new deck system (Steel Division utilised a card deck system to limit troop selection for your battalion). 

Co-op mode

Also lacking in the first game was a proper co-op mode for single-player. Eugen Systems later added a co-op mission to the game. That's the extent of co-op in the first game.

Eugen Systems didn't elaborate on the co-op for Steel Division II but I'll go out on a limb and guess they'll have it for the single-player campaign. It would be tragic if this wasn't the case.

New Art Style

Not much to comment about this. I thought Eugen Systems' games have always looked superb, Steel Division: Normandy 44 included. Perhaps my only small grip over it in Steel Division was it was all too bright... maybe?

Perhaps the tone of Steel Division II would be better if the visuals were a bit bleaker? Just a guess, but graphics don't really bother me much.


No release date has been announced but there's sure to be new info coming soon as Gamescom gets underway on August 21st. It would be interesting to see how they've implemented the Dynamic Strategic Campaign.

What did you think of Steel Division? Dug it? Hate it? Looking forward to the sequel? Tell me in the comments.

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