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Northgard Ragnarok Update is Live! It's the Game's Biggest Ever Update!

Northgard Ragnarok Update is Live! It's the Game's Biggest Ever Update!

Indie RTS game Northgard just received its biggest ever patch to date. Titled ‘Ragnarok’ it’s not just a bug squashing/balance update. There’s a tonne of new content for the game that’s going to add even more variety and cool new mechanics to Northgard. This is a long one… so hold on to your seats…

Volcano Tile

There’s a apocalyptic tone to this update. If you choose to play Ragnarok, there will be no farm tiles. You will be solely dependent on fish and deer.

The world is ravaged and the land is scared. Don’t expect it to be a cakewalk because you’ll face more dangerous creatures .

And at the centre of the map is the Volcano. It cannot be colonised and during your game, it will erupt to spew molten lava across the map.

The Blood Moon

The Blood Moon is a random event that occurs in the game. When the Blood Moon is up, your units attack will be 50% more outside your territory.

Ancient Graveyard Tile

Another new tile that will allow you to get two spectral warrior if you assign two loremasters to study the graveyard.

Spectral warrior have high defence and aren’t damaged much by projectiles. However, your clan’s happiness will be reduced by 10 as long as the spectral warriors are in your territory.

Fallen Sailors

Fallen Sailors are an event that can occur any time during your game. The dead sailor from the sunk viking ships will rise again to haunt your territory. Similar to the spectral warriors they have high defence are are hard to hit with projectiles.

Kobolds Update

This is a rather interesting change to the Kobolds faction. They now are a lot more developed and will behave like a proper factions.

Starting year 2, when the number of kobold reaches 7, they can send 4 of them towards an adjacent neutral tile and colonize it

  • They start with 1 tile and can have up to a maximum of 4 tiles under their control

  • If there isn’t any neutral tile close to their territory, they may attack a player’s tile

  • On neutral tiles, they do not fight wildlife but build their village around it!

  • They cannot colonize active Wolf Dens or Draugar Camps nor the other neutral factions’ tiles

The Myrkalfar

A new dark elf neutral faction that is very aggressive and strong. They will launch an attack on a random player each year.

When they’re in your territory, they’ll steal your resources (-5 wood, krowns and food). You can retrieve the stolen resources if you attack and defeat them.

Military Paths

A completely new mechanic that lets you further develop your clan’s attacking prowess. For each enemy you kill, you will gain experience points. When you gain 500 experience points you’ll get to choose from three different military paths.

Each path features three unlockable skills. But once you’ve picked a path, you can’t change to a different path. The military path could be vital to you strategy and give you some pretty significant advantage. Choose wisely according to your game plan.

The rest are balance changes to Northgard:

General Changes

  • The Draugar movement speed has been increased by 20%

  • In balanced maps, tiles get balanced types of Draugar

  • Shipbuilding bonus lowered from 30% to 20% (to balance it with Coinage)

  • Axe Throwers movement speed has been slightly decreased

Clan Balancing

Clan of the Bear:

  • Kaija is not counted in the clan’s food consumption anymore nor in its population

  • Hibernation bonus has been slightly increased

  • Shield mastery: Shield Bearers camps do not have any upkeep cost

    Clan of the Snake: Under Pressure now also cancels the Skirmishers’ Supply Line debuff

    Clan of the Goat: The free feast can be used once each year

    Clan of the Wolf:

  • Wolves only give 15 food

  • Bears only give 120 food

  • Field Ration Ratio has been reduced to 75%

  • Pillage income will vary depending on the enemy killed

New Multiplayer Season: Ragnarok
Compete in a brand new Multiplayer season. Work your way through the ranks and earn rewards for your skill.

For each rank you hit you will unlock an exclusive Totem reward. Display your Totems in game to impress and intimidate your opponents.

Northgard is a rather unique RTS that mixes mechanics of a builder/resource game with streamlined RTS gameplay. I liked it a lot for trying something new in the RTS genre. You can read my review of it here.

Northgard currently has a 50% discount on Steam that ends on October 6th. If you have friends to play in multiplayer skirmish or comp stomp, it’s a great game to pick up at a discounted price.

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