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Football Manager 2019 Revamps Tactics! Pick 3 Different Tactics for Different Phases

Football Manager 2019 Revamps Tactics! Pick 3 Different Tactics for Different Phases

Sports Interactive dropped a bunch of new headline features for the upcoming Football Manager 2019. So does FM 2019 truly reworks the game like how they completely redid the branding for it? Check out the key new features below…

Revamped Tactics

As I mentioned, in the tactics module, there’s a split in 3 phases; when possession has been lost, when possession has been won and Goalkeeper in possession.

This means you can instruct your team to regroup to maintain a defensive shape if you notice your opponent is hitting you on the counter attack.

You could also use counter pressing to immediately pressure the opponent if your team has lost the ball before settling into a defensive formation.

Training Overhaul

Sports Interactive says that training in FM2019 has been given the biggest overhaul in the series this time. The big one… training is now split into three sessions per day.

So if in the past you defined what you player was training for for that day, you can now pick 3 training programmes from 10 different training areas, giving your player a much more well-rounded training… if you want.

There’s some neat things here as well as you can now ask your player to focus on areal defence if you’re playing a team that loves to cross the ball in or play long balls. You can fine tune the training more instead of a more general training instructions (which you can still do if you don’t want to fine tune).

VAR & Match Improvements

Football Manager 2019 will have Virtual Assistant Referees. This technology is only used n competitions that use them in real life. So don’t expect to see them in all leagues. They’ve also added goal-line technology that will be used in those instances where you’re simply not sure if it was a goal.

There’s the usual animation improvements and this time they say they’ve even replaced some of the older animations. The video above is the only piece of footage of the game in action, so there’s not much to judge in this front for now.

Bundesliga Partnership

For the first time in the series history, the German Bundesliga will now officially be included. So you can manage Bayern Munich and win every season. Or if you want a more interesting option, pick the other top teams and try to challenge the dominance of Bayern Munich.

Freshened User Interface

Sports Interactive states that for this year’s Football Manager, they’ve gone further is reworking the UI.

On top changing the look and feel of the game to reflect the new logo and branding… which apparently includes using purple as a primary colour, most of the work went to making information easily accessible.

This is especially true for the training and tactics pages as this were the bits with the most amount of new stuff added and changed.

New Manager Induction

Tutorials have always been a major focus for Sports Interactive in the past few entries. They know that to get new players, they will have to have a rather excellent tutorial and clear information on how the various mechanics of the game functions.

For FM 2019 the ‘New Manager Induction’ goes much deeper into the mechanics. You’ll get to state your experience with Football manager then whisked away for a tutorial that is customised to your experience level.

This I hope will be a solid tutorial as I hate to relearn the game every time there is a new Football Manager released. Tutorials reduce the frustration of playign the game for the first time… so we’ll see if this one is good.

Football manager 2019 releases for the PC and Mac on November 2nd. You can pre-order it here at Fanatical at 20% off or get it on Steam here with 10% off.

So are you going to get FM2019? Convinced that this will be a major overhaul of the game? I doubt it’s going to be a massive overhaul. The changes to tactics are nice. Training is something I hardly dabble with so it means zilch to me. What do you think of these additions?

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