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Hearts of Iron IV Will Be Introducing Fuel Usage. Paradox Shares New Details

Hearts of Iron IV Will Be Introducing Fuel Usage. Paradox Shares New Details

As part of a free update that will accompany the upcoming Hearts of Iron IV expansion, Man the Guns, Patch 1.6 Ironclad will be introducing fuel usage as a proper mechanic in the game. Here's new details Paradox shared in their newest Man The Guns Dev Diary.

The idea of fueling your war machines with fuel supply was something Paradox implemented in Hearts of Iron III. But the team decided to shelve this idea for Hearts of Iron IV to streamline and simplify the game, making it easier to pick up and play.   

What we have in Hearts of Iron IV currently is an abstract idea of fuel that was simply used as a resource that went into the production of war machines. This, the team added, always felt weird, especially for naval warfare.

Fuel will be consumed as your army moves. This is going to be a massive change to the way we play Hearts of Iron IV.

Paradox shared quite a bit of detail on the fuel mechanic. So get ready for an avalanche of info! Broken down into land, air and naval units.


Trucks, tanks and other machines with engines will use up fuel. More fuel will be used when they're moving or being redeployed. Units will initially have their own little stockpile of fuel.

Once it runs out, they'll refuel if you have an unbroken supply chain to them. If your units don't get the fuel they need, their stats will be severely impacted and their movement speed will be reduced.


Active air wings will consume fuel. Strategic bombers will consume more fuel. Transport planes can be used on air supply missions. Similar to land units, air wings low on fuel will suffer efficiency penalties.


Naval fleets will be the most impacted by this fuel mechanic as these units will be the ones that consume the most fuel in your army. Paradox stated that they will reveal more on naval units changes in another dev diary since this one is tied to the upcoming expansion.

How WIll Fuel Be Produced?

According to Paradox, your fuel will be produced from your unused oil. There are a few ways to increase your fuel stockpile:

  • Acquire more oil rich states.
  • Increase infrastructure on your own oil rich states.
  • Trade for foreign oil.
  • Build synthetic refineries.
  • Lend leased fuel.
  • Capture enemy stockpiles.
  • Research improved oil to fuel conversion technologies.
  • Each unit of oil you have access to use your current techs to generate a certain amount of fuel. This fuel is then put into your stockpile for use by your forces.

Captured a country and you can get their stockpile of fuel. Making wars for the purpose of obtaining fuel a reality.

Yes this means you can now stockpile fuel. This was a super important thing to do during World War II and Hearts of Iron IV fans are pretty pumped that this is coming to HoI4.

The size of your national stockpile will depend on the number of states and their infrastructure, your economic law and if you have built Fuel Silos. This is a new building that takes up shared slots and will probably provide the majority of your stockpile space.
— Paradox Interactive

What's different here in their approach of allowing fuel stockpiling is that it will be made a tradeoff between building up the industry and increasing the stockpile.

Fuel Silos will allow for more fuel to be stockpiled. Just make sure you'll utilise the added space.

Paradox Interactive confirmed that fuel will be added in the free update. But there will be features in the Man the Guns paid expansion that will tie back to the fuel system. This will be revealed at a later date.

No release date yet for this expansion and free update. Although it would be a safe bet to say it comes out in 2018. The fuel mechanic adds some complexity to the game but makes some of the usual decisions you make, something that needs more deliberation.

I'm all for more strategic depth, so bring it on!

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