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What is Frags of War? Introducing My New Strategy Gaming Blog

What is Frags of War? Introducing My New Strategy Gaming Blog

Have you ever wished there were more websites dedicated to strategy games and war games? I did too, and that was the impetus for me to start this blog. So what exactly is Frags of War?

Blogging About Strategy Games & War Games

Unlike other video game websites, I intend to uphold the identity of a blog over here. I write reviews, previews and offer my personal opinion on topics & latest news, doing it with a whole lot of heart. Here are three key ingredients that are important to me when it comes to creating content for this blog.


I will ensure that the articles here are given the time to be researched, written and edited properly. There will be no super quick reaction posts to latest news. If that’s what you’ve come here for, I humbly apologise. There are other blogs that do that a lot better.

I will still do some commentary pieces on news, but I’ll afford them the time it needs. In fact, I rewrote this entire article because I thought the previous one was crap and was written on the spur of the moment.


Somewhat related to quality, but doing proper research and getting in-depth in my writing is really important to me. It helps me improve my writing and hopefully, you’ll appreciate the information presented in my articles.

Having Personality

I don’t consider myself a journalist and my articles will have some element of my personality in them. There are some annoying things I tend to do, which I intend to cut out from my writing. But it doesn't mean I'm cutting out my personality from my writing. It will always be there! This will never be IGN!


I’m not perfect, but I endeavour to continue to improve the content on this blog as we go along here. It’s been awhile I actually blogged or written something on the internet. Speaking of which, here’s a short introduction about me for those that haven’t followed my work previously.

A Little Bit About Me

I’m known as frags on the internet. This is of course, where this blog gets its name, which is a mix of my online nickname and my love for strategy & war games. I used to own a blog titled Malaysian Gamer. It was a gaming blog like any other gaming blog.

Without a focus, I tried to be like every other gaming blog or website. But I found some success as it was branded a Malaysian blog. It had the advantage when it came to the video game topic in my country (I’m Malaysian by the way).

I ended that blog more than a year ago to focus on my career. Having less time to cover gaming news, I knew it was time to let a new generation to do the whole video game website from Malaysia.

So what changed? I played the games I wanted to play. I played more strategy games and rediscovered why I loved them so much. I knew at that instant, the time was just right, to get back to basics and to begin the journey into blogging again. But this time, I’ll focus my energy on strategy games.

I want to make this one of the best strategy gaming blog on the internet, and I’ll do all I can to live up to the ideals I have elaborated in this post.

I Won't Be Able To Do It Without You

To reach the goals I have set for myself. For this blog. I won’t be able to do it without your help. I’m always open to any feedback you have on this blog. I hope you visit this blog often and enjoy the articles that I have written.

If you love the articles I wrote, do share it with others. It will truly help me reach my goals. Thank you for visiting. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Have a great day!

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