Hello internet, my name is Theshigen 'frags' Navalingam.

Hey there! Welcome to my strategy game blog. Who am I? On the internetz, I go by the nickname frags. Hence the title of this blog ‘Frags of War’.

Frags of War is a strategy game blog dedicated to giving you news, reviews, opinion and guides on games from our favourite genre.

That’s strategy games.

What’s our goal

I say ‘our’ but really I’m the only person that runs this blog. This might change if say more of you come to my blog and we become profitable but that’s a ways off.

Frags of War Missions Statement:

Producing quality newbie friendly content & hopefully attracting new players to this genre.

Strategy games can be intimidating for a lot of folks. At Frags of War, we aim to produce content for everyone by striking a balance and explaining things... a lot.

How are we different?

How are we different from the thousands of video game blogs? Well for one, we focus on strategy games, which you already knew.

Second, we put great emphasis on creating content that is comprehensive and convenient to our readers.

From the way the article is broken down to explanations of strategy genre terms, every thing we do is aimed at making it easy to read... like how a blog generally would be.

But that doesn't mean our articles are thin. Oh no, some of our articles can be thousand word epics. All in the name of being super comprehensive and useful to strategy game veterans and newbies alike.

Do we generate revenue?

At the moment, it’s pretty insignificant. But yes, we aim to be profitable. Being profitable means I can dedicate more time to the blog and possibly hire new people to run it with me.

My personal objective is to become self-sustainable with revenue from this blog and dedicate more resources into it.

Writing comprehensive pieces takes a lot of time. As I can't sustain myself and my family with this blog at this moment, I have a limited amount of time to focus on content due to a 9 to 5 job.

Hopefully as more of you visit this blog and we build a sizable community, this will change. As for now, we use two methods of generating revenue.

Banner Ads

You’ll see this at the top, sidebar and footer of this site. We will never flood the blog with ads. My personal believe is in delivering an experience I would enjoy myself. No one likes a site with a tonne of ads. This might hurt revenue a little, but my priority is always on your experience.

Affiliate Links

To diversify our income stream, we use affiliate links to make a small commision if you purchase the games we linked on some of our articles. Again, this is done tastefully and never in an effort to mislead or trick you to click on links (which is a common practise at a lot of sites).

I’m not considering any other alternative funding such as patreon at the moment. But I might consider if more of you would like to contribute more directly.


I hope you’ll find the content on this blog useful to you. Do share with me feedback or thoughts about the blog and the content. I’m open to suggestions. Thank you for visiting and happy reading.

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